The Pharaon Logistics


At The Pharaon, we strongly believe that achieving results dependent on our consumers' individual needs is important. We offer transportation services that are tailored to each client's specific needs. The Pharaon is here to make your shipping journey as reliable as possible.

We are assured that we have the infrastructure, experience, and skills to help you find various logistics and storage options with us. We have a great deal of expertise in achieving practical and most profitable outcomes, whether you require short-term regional store facilities or long-term storage. Both our delivery systems are a proactive way for the company to add value.

Interstate Transportation

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The Pharaon Logistics provides interstate freight services through state lines, with 5 U.S. terminals and over 400 qualified drivers working together to serve clients across the country.

Ocean Transportation

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Ocean Transportation provides you with a seamless resource to book ocean freight with reliable sailing hours and competitive prices to get your cargo to where it needs to go. Arrange and manage your shipments with The Pharaon Logistics for a smooth and reliable experience.

Contract Logistics

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Designing and organizing supply chains, designing infrastructure, warehousing, shipping, and delivering products, receiving orders and accepting fees, handling inventory, and also offering certain customer support.