The Pharaon Logistics


As a subsidiary of the Pharaon Group, Pharaon Logistics operates one of the largest fleets of transport and logistics services in the United States. We offer a range of transport options to fulfill the requirements of a constantly evolving client base using a closely interconnected network of individuals, technology, and physical infrastructure.

As a logistics and distribution management organization, Pharaon Logistics organizes the storage and distribution of your goods in the supply chain. We ensure that the right products, in the right quantity, get delivered to the right locations on time and at a reasonable cost. We may also be involved in the transportation, warehousing, and handle stock control as we monitor the flow of your goods. Your reputation as a reliable supplier increases with strategic logistics service from Pharaon Logistics. Better logistics make your products more readily available and creates additional value for your customers. Plus, your business becomes an essential element in the supply chain for your customers by ensuring the arrival of your merchandise and overall product availability.

As a fully integrated transportation and logistics provider, Pharaon Logistics manages end-to-end daily logistics projects for a global client base. Working across sectors, we develop customized broad-based coordination strategies to reduce costs while maintaining your timetables.

Our unique approach provides you with a complete end-to-end logistics solution. This systematic approach allows us to generate value across the entire supply chain, reducing complexity and ensuring an efficient flow of goods.We support our customers to solve logistics constraints through their everyday jobs. The Pharaon Logistics will make your logistics network more (cost-)efficient, whatever your business field, as a fully integrated transportation and logistics provider. We aim, in order to have a definite competitive benefit, to create tailored, high-quality and broad-based logistic projects for our clients.